How To Clean A Frigidaire Ice Maker

How To Clean A Frigidaire Ice Maker

The Frigidaire ice maker is great for having ice whenever you need it, but there is some maintenance that goes into having one that you may not be aware of, one aspect of this is keeping it nice and clean.

How To Clean A Frigidaire Ice Maker

This might be relatively surprising as you wouldn’t generally think that ice is dirty, but after some time, the kind of environment that is created in these ice makers becomes a perfect breeding ground for all types of bacteria.

The build-up of slime, grime, and scale can not only give the ice a funny taste but can also cause illness in those that use it in their drinks.

This is why it is important to keep on top of cleaning your Frigidaire ice maker as it is much easier and cheaper to prevent these problems instead of having to deal with them when it happens.

What Is A Frigidaire Ice Maker?

The Frigidaire ice maker is a portable appliance that you can bring to pool parties, barbecues, or just your backyard to have ice at the ready whenever and wherever you want it.

This ice maker has a very durable exterior that can put up with a bit of wear and tear whilst still looking sleek, and it also has a large see-through window allowing you to keep tabs on how much ice is left without having to lift the lid constantly.

In just six minutes, this machine will provide you with high-quality ice thanks to its refrigerant and compressor cooling system that is not only quick but environmentally friendly too.

In less than 24 hours, the large capacity of this ice maker gives it the ability to make about 26 pounds of ice all without the help of any chemical refrigerants which makes it very safe for your body and the planet.

How To Know If Your Frigidaire Ice Maker Needs To Be Cleaned

How To Know If Your Frigidaire Ice Maker Needs To Be Cleaned

One of the signs that you should clean your ice maker is if the ice starts to taste a bit weird and is making the drinks that you put them in taste weird too.

They might also smell bad as well which is a clear sign that you need to give the ice maker a good clean.

If you notice that the ice cubes look different as well such as being a bit smaller or melting faster than usual, it can also be because the ice maker isn’t able to perform as it should due to a build-up of slime and grime.

Finally, you can have a look inside the ice maker especially in the ice bin, to see if it looks dirty or smells off.

Even if you don’t think your ice maker needs a clean, it is advised to clean it well every two months because there may still be things that you are missing such as a build-up of bacteria that is invisible to the human eye.

It is also simply good practice in hygiene as no one wants to use ice from an ice maker that hasn’t been cleaned in a long time no matter how clean it looks.

How To Clean A Frigidaire Ice Maker

The first thing you have to do when cleaning your Frigidaire ice maker, you will have to completely switch it off to prevent any injuries from happening caused by mixing water and electricity.

Next, put on some gloves if you like, but it is not essential before removing the ice bin from the ice maker.

When the ice bin has been removed, it should reveal some water that has been clogged up in there which you will need to drain out along with the ice that is still in the ice bin.

Now that the ice bin is fully drained of water and ice, it is time to get some detergents and clean the inside of it gently.

With the help of a cloth and some warm water, you can clean both the inside and outside the ice maker.

It is best to use a softer cloth to dry the inside part of the ice bin as well as the outside of the Frigidaire.

Before you put the ice bin back inside, make sure that it is completely dry.

The next thing to do is put the ice maker through its ice-making cycle with lemon juice or vinegar so that it can get in and clean all the inner components that your cloth can’t get to.

You may find this similar to how you clean a coffee machine as it follows the same logic and has been a tried and tested technique.

To make the mixture, you can either use lemon juice and water or water and vinegar with a ratio of 10:1 for either combination you decide on.

Repeat this cycle about three times before making a new round of ice cubes with only regular water so that it drains the system of lemon juice or vinegar completely and the ice cubes stop smelling of the mixture.

That is how you clean a Frigidaire ice maker, but you are not done yet as you must put everything back together and there are some more steps that you should take into consideration.

Check that the outside of the ice maker has been cleaned with either vinegar, detergent, mixture of lemon or, and warm water.

Cleaning the outside of the Frigidaire is not only to make it look good, but it also prevents debris from the outside from creeping into the outside which it can do if you do not stay on top of it.

Before you plug the ice maker back in, it should be dried completely because you are at risk of shocking yourself if you rush this step.


There you have it, that is how you clean a Frigidaire ice maker, and now that you know how easy it is you will probably find yourself cleaning it much more frequently which will only bring you benefits such as cleaner ice, an ice maker that is functioning smoothly, and no risk to your health.

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