How To Use A Faberware Airfryer

Faberware Airfryers have increased in popularity throughout the last few years. They are a great alternative to traditional ovens and they do not require any pre-heating time before use.

Faberware is a company that was founded in 2008, by Chef Jean-Paul Faber. The first model of his air fryer was released in 2010 and since then he has been working hard on improving this product line.

The air fryer uses hot air instead of heat from an external source. This means that you don’t need to worry about burning yourself when using it.

You only need to add ingredients to the basket and close the lid. Then you just wait for the timer to go off – it’s often as simple as this!

So you’ve got yourself a Faberware Airfryer, but you don’t yet know how to use it!

If you find yourself staring at your brand new Faberware Airfryer and wondering how the best way to use it is – then look no further and don’t panic! you are in the right place.

Below is a guide that will take you through everything you will need to know about your Faberware Airfryer, from the best things to cook in it, to things that you should avoid to keep your new machine clean and healthy!

We’ve also added a short FAQ section at the end of this article, which will aim to answer any additional questions you might have.

Let’s get started and explore the world of Faberware Air fryers! 

Why Use A Faberware Airfryer? 

Air Fryers are a fantastic invention. They were created as a healthier alternative to deep-frying foods.

However, they quickly became so popular that they now have their category in most supermarkets.

There are many different types of air fryers available today, ranging from small countertop models to large commercial units.

One of the main benefits of using an air fryer is that there is no need to preheat the unit before use.

Most people who buy an air fryer like this feature because it saves them valuable time.

Another benefit of these machines is that they are very easy to use. Simply put all of the ingredients into the basket and press start.

Once the timer goes off, you simply remove the cooked food from the basket and serve it straight away.

Another reason why people love air fryers is that they are environmentally friendly. Unlike other methods of cooking such as boiling or baking, an air fryer does not produce harmful fumes.

They actually help reduce the amount of grease in the kitchen. When you cook food in an air fryer, the fat melts and rises to the top of the oil.

This allows you to easily skim off the excess grease before serving your dish.

You can even make some delicious desserts in an air fryer. Many people think that they cannot make cakes in an air fryer because they believe that the temperature of the air inside the machine would be too low.

However, we have found that you can bake cakes in an air fryer without any problems.

How To Use A Faberware Airfryer?

Before we begin, let us first explain what an air fryer is exactly. An air fryer is a type of oven that cooks food by circulating heated air around the food.

This method of cooking was invented in Japan in the 1970s. Since then, air fryers have become extremely popular across the globe.

There are two main types of air fryers: convection and non-convection. Convection air fryers circulate the air more efficiently than non-convection ones.

This makes them ideal for cooking larger quantities of food. Non-convection air fryers tend to be smaller and less expensive.

They are usually better suited for cooking one or two items at a time.

When you first turn on your air fryer, the heating element will automatically come to life. It will stay hot until you switch it off.

You can adjust the temperature of the air fryer by pressing the dial located near the front of the machine.

Make sure to set the temperature according to the instructions provided with your model.

The next step is to add your food to the basket. Remember that the food should be placed directly onto the heating element. If you place the food on the bottom of the basket, it will take longer to cook.

 Important note – avoid placing metal utensils in the air fryer. These could get damaged when the machine heats up.

Once everything has been added to the basket, close the lid and press start. Depending on how many minutes you set the timer for, the food will either be ready to eat immediately or will require further cooking.

For example, if you set the timer for five minutes, the food will be done after five minutes. If you set the timer for ten minutes, however, the food will be ready after ten minutes.

To check whether your food is cooked, simply open the lid and look at the food. If it looks like it needs more time, close the lid again and wait another minute or so.

Once the food is fully cooked, remove it from the basket using tongs if you have them. 

Cleaning Your Airfryer 

This is a part of the process that you need to make sure you aren’t ignoring. Faberware Air fryers are sturdy pieces of kitchen equipment, providing that you take proper care of them! To clean your air fryer you will need to follow a few steps. 

Begin by removing all the accessories such as the basket and the drip tray.

Next, use dish soap and warm water to wash the air fryer. Be careful not to scrub too hard or scratch any parts of the machine.

After washing the air fryer, dry it thoroughly with a soft cloth.

Finally, wipe the inside of the air fryer with a damp sponge.

If you find that there are stubborn stains on the surface of your air fryer, try cleaning it with vinegar.

Simply pour some vinegar into a bowl and dip a cloth in it. Wring out the excess liquid and wipe the surface of the air fryer.

Final Thoughts

And there you have it! That is all the basics you’ll need to know to confidently use your Faberware Airfryer.

We hope that by this point you know your way around your machine, and can begin to use it to create incredible, delicious meals for yourself, your friends, or your family!

Below is a short FAQ section that is going to take you through some common questions. 

Is An Air Fryer Better Than A Convection Oven?

Air frying is a great alternative to conventional ovens because it allows you to prepare healthier dishes without compromising on taste.

The best thing about air frying is that you don’t have to worry about burning or overcooking your food.

This means that you can save money and energy by preparing healthy meals without having to spend hours in the kitchen.

Can I Use My Airfryer For Baking? 

Yes, but only for specific foods. You cannot bake anything in your Airfryer. However, you can use it to heat bread, cakes, and other baked goods.

Do Faberware Airfryers Have A Temperature Dial? 

No, they do not have a temperature dial. Instead, they come with preset temperatures which you can adjust according to what you want to cook.

What Are The Preset Functions Of A Faberware Airfryer? 

The most common preset functions you’ll find on these air fryers are :

• Baked/Broiled (200°F)

• Grilled (400°F)

• Roasted (500°F)

• Deep Fried (450°F)

• High Heat (600°F)

You can use all of these to suit the different foods that you are cooking. Always consider the temperature in relation to the food item that you’re working on so that you are sure this preset is correct.

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