How To Use Handheld Milk Frother

Sometimes you can’t beat a coffee shop coffee, but with your own handheld milk frother, you can definitely compete!

If you’re wondering how to use a handheld milk frother, you’ve come to the right place.

In this article, I will provide you with some key information on using a handheld milk frother, as well as a step-by-step guide on how to use a handheld milk frother.

Let’s get started. 

The Type Of Milk Frother

First of all, let me start by saying that there are two different types of milk frothers available to purchase on the market today.

The first one is called a “standalone milk frother,” which is usually used for making lattes or cappuccinos at home.

The second type is called a “handheld milk frother”. These frothers are relatively inexpensive, are battery powered, and can produce froth that would give a premium milk frother a run for its money.

If you just want to learn how to use a handheld milk frother, this is the type of frother I’m going to go into further detail on how to use a handheld milk frother below.

How To Use A Handheld Milk Frother With Hot Milk

Step One – Fill A Coffee Cup With Milk

To begin, you will need to grab a cup and fill it about 1/3 full with milk.

Note: If you are vegan or lactose intolerant, you can use any type of milk of your choice such as almond milk, oat milk, or non-dairy milk.

That being said, milk with a higher fat content, such as whole milk, tends to work better.

Step Two – Warm Milk Up

Next, you will need to add your cup of milk to the microwave and heat the milk for around 45 to 50 seconds for the ideal temperature.

Step Three – Place The Wand Frother In The Cup Of Milk

Following this, you will need to remove the milk from the microwave. Taking your handheld electric milk frother at a 45-degree angle, turn the frother on and begin frothing the milk.

Step Four – Continue Frothing The Milk

When you are frothing the milk, make sure that you are moving the frother from the top of the milk all the way to the bottom of the cup.

Make sure that you are gently rotating the whisk head as you froth the milk.

This helps to create that airy foam many coffee lovers look for when making milky coffee.

Step Five – Pour The Frothy Milk Onto Your Coffee

Once you have frothed the milk for around 45 seconds, hopefully, the result will be very frothy milk! The exact time can vary, so make sure that you’re patient to create those foamy bubbles.

Pour the milk onto your prepared espresso or cup of coffee, and spoon any leftover foam on top.


Tips When Using A Handheld Milk Frother 

There are a variety of different tips to keep in mind when it comes to using a handheld milk frother. These tips include, but are not limited to:

Keep The Frother At An Angle

The main tip for creating beautifully frothy milk is to keep the frother at an angle. While these frothers are simple and easy to use, the foam you can create with them can vary depending on how you use them.

For the best results, you will need to gently rotate the whisk head as you froth the milk, and once the foam begins to foam, lift the whisk head so that it is on the top layer of the foam.

This will result in frothy milk that you’d expect from a coffee or hot chocolate from a coffee shop, and you won’t be able to get enough of it!

Cleaning It Immediately After Every Use

The key to keeping your handheld milk frother in the best condition possible is to ensure that you clean it immediately after every use.

This will ensure that the milk froth doesn’t stick to your handheld milk frother and makes the overall maintenance of your frother more convenient.

Cleaning your milk frother couldn’t be easier. All you need to do is place the whisk head under the running tap, turn it on, and allow the whisk to do the hard work for you!

Simply pat your milk frother dry with a clean dishcloth, and it’ll be ready for your next use!

Always Submerging The Top Of The Whisk Before Turning It On And Off

Always make sure that you submerge the top of your handheld whisk before turning it on and off.

While it’s encouraged to move the whisk up your cup of milk, you’d be surprised by how powerful they can be.

You therefore don’t want to run the risk of hot milk flying up at you. In addition to this, you don’t want to have to deal with the clean-up process, either.

Bearing this in mind, always keep the whisk submerged until you turn it on and off.

How Do You Froth Milk Without A Milk Frother?

While having a handheld milk frother is super handy, there are other ways to achieve frothy milk. In fact, frothing milk without a milk frother couldn’t be easier.

All you need is a spare jar with a lid. Simply add warm milk of your choice to a jar, screw the lid on, and begin to shake! 

You will need to make sure that you are shaking the jar vigorously, so put your back into it, and shake for around 30 to 45 seconds. This process will make the milk frothy.

Once you like the look of the froth, pour it into your coffee or hot chocolate as you normally would, stir, and enjoy!

In Summary 

So, there you have it! Hopefully, after reading this article, you have a better understanding of how to use a handheld milk frother.

Make sure that you use the helpful tips I discussed next time you want a frothy drink.

Good luck and enjoy experimenting with your handheld milk frother.

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