How To Use Magic Bullet

How To Use Magic Bullet

The Magic Bullet blender could be the best addition to your kitchen that you never even knew you needed!

It’s the perfect kitchen gadget for whipping up a delicious and healthy smoothie or blitzing up some nuts to sprinkle over a dish. Essentially, the Magic Bullet can do just about any chopping, dicing, slicing, blitzing, and blending job you could ever need to be done in your kitchen!

However, unless you’ve used one before, it can be pretty difficult to work it out at first. Of course, you want to start using your Magic Bullet as soon as you buy one but you also don’t want to use it incorrectly and risk damaging it.

Thankfully, we’ve got you covered with this complete guide to using a Magic Bullet blender. We’ll be going over the step-by-step process for everyday use and explaining all the tips you should bear in mind for the future.

How To Use Magic Bullet

Step-By-Step For Using A Magic Bullet

Prepare Your Ingredients

The first tithing you need to do to get going with your Magic Bullet blender (after taking it out of the box!) is to make sure your ingredients are ready to go in. This means removing all the non-edible parts of the ingredients like any tough stalks or seeds.

You’ll also need to make sure everything is peeled and washed properly because once it goes into the blender, it’ll be impossible to put back together!

Depending on the size of your Magic Bullet blender and ingredients, it might also be worth cutting them into smaller chunks before blending them too.

Of course, it’s the blender’s job to make the food into smaller pieces but cutting something like a green onion into smaller pieces before adding it to the blender will result in all your ingredients being chopped more uniformly.

Choose The Right Cup

A lot of Magic Bullet products will come with a variety of different-sized cups that you can choose from. There’s no right or wrong size – you simply have to judge that for yourself.

Try to aim for a cup that will hold your ingredients about halfway up the sides. This way, you won’t end up with food getting jammed and the blades not working properly, but there will still be enough compactness to push everything down towards the blades. Once you’ve found the right cup size, simply transfer your prepared ingredients from your cutting board into the cup.

Attach The Lid

Interestingly, some Magic Bullet blenders come with two different types of blades that are designed for softer or harder ingredients.

For example, the Cross Blade is designed to deal with soft foods and to essentially puree them. Whereas, the Flat Blade is better at dealing with harder foods like nuts and will reduce them to tiny pieces. Select the appropriate lid and blade (if you have two to choose from) and twist it onto the rim of the cup.

The lid should make an audible clicking sound once it’s firmly in place but you should give it a little wiggle with your hands just to make sure it won’t fly off while you’re blending.

Attach The Cup To The Power Base

This step is much simpler than attaching the lid because the cup and attached blade will simply slide into place in the Power Base. All you need to do is line up the tabs on the side of the cup with the ones inside the Power Base and everything will naturally click into places for you.

Again, though, it’s worth giving the cup a little wiggle with your hands just to double-check it’s attached properly.

Press Down On The Cup To Blend

The Magic Bullet is a fantastic device because it gives you full control over how blended you want your ingredients to be.

This is because it’s operated by a simple push-button motion that both starts and stops the blending process.

All you need to do to start blending is press down on the top of the cup and let go when you’re finished. It’s a good idea to press down in short bursts of a couple of seconds and then release so that the ingredients don’t get stuck to the side of the cup and end up chunkier than the rest.

Remove The Cup From The Power Base And The Lid From The Cup

The final step in the process before serving is to take the cup out of the Power Base. This is as easy as sliding it out through the tabs on the sides of both.

Then, twist the lid off of the cup and you’ll be left with your perfectly blended ingredients. Of course, if you examine the food and it’s not to your liking, simply reattach the lid and follow the same steps again to blend it a little more.

Tips For Using A Magic Bullet Blender

Using the Magic Bullet blender is a pretty simple process but there are still a few more things to bear in mind if you want to make sure you get your dishes and drinks right every time.

Primarily, when you’re actually pressing down on the cup and blending your ingredients, you should keep an eye on what state they’re in while going. Over blending or under blending your ingredients will lead to less than satisfactory results so it’s worth watching the inside of the cup closely while you’re using the device and trying not to get distracted.

Another thing to consider, especially when making smoothies in your Magic Bullet blender, is to use enough liquid ingredients for all the solid ingredients to blend properly.

Even if you prefer a chunky smoothie, you’ll still need to add enough juice or water to make sure the solid food actually blends and you aren’t left eating your drink!


In general, the Magic Bullet blender has a very user-friendly design and it’s pretty much impossible to mess it up.

As long as you follow the simple steps we’ve outlined here, you’ll be a Magic Bullet pro in no time!

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