Which NutriBullet Is Best?

Which NutriBullet Is Best

Do you love creating healthy drinks and snacks at home? Not interested in buying the store-made ‘healthy’ foods that are loaded with chemicals and preservatives?

If this sounds like you and you’ve never heard of NutriBullet, you’ve been missing out on one of the biggest names in the blender business!

NutriBullet offers some of the best home blenders on the market and produces a pretty wide range of products to suit everybody’s needs.

Which NutriBullet Is Best

They offer some perfect devices for blitzing up all kinds of fruits, vegetables, and juices to make any variety of smoothies you could possibly imagine.

However, with such a diverse range of products on offer, it can be difficult to work out which one suits your needs and will make the perfect fit in your kitchen.

Thankfully, we’re here to help with this handy guide. We’re going to be looking at some of Nutribullet’s best blenders and explaining why each one could be perfect for you!

NutriBullet 600 Series – Best For Smoothies

This is easily one of the best NutriBullet products you can get for making smoothies.

It features a 24-ounce cup which is the perfect size for making a portion for one person and you can even drink your finished smoothie straight from the cup itself.

The 600W motor in the base of this blender isn’t the most powerful you can find online but it’s definitely powerful enough for the single-portion smoothies you’ll likely be making at home.

A single extractor blade at the bottom of the blender is also plenty to get through just about any fruit or vegetable you add to the mixture, as long as you add enough liquid to the cup to balance everything out.

This type of blender is also super easy to clean and maintain, thanks to NutriBullet’s clever design.

All you need to do to clean this blender is twist off the blade, which can be rinsed off with soap and water but sadly can’t be put through a dishwasher.

However, the cup that comes with the blender can be cleaned in a dishwasher, making the cleaning process easier than ever. What’s not to love?

While this might not be the most powerful blender on the market or even the most powerful NutriBullet blender, it’s definitely a good option for those who only need a blender to make drinks with and are using fairly soft ingredients.

NutriBullet 900 Series – Best For Nuts And Ice

While the 600 Series Nutribullet is great for blitzing up fruits and vegetables, it isn’t so good for tougher ingredients like nuts or for making shaved ice.

The 900 Series is pretty much a direct copy of the 600 Series, only with a more powerful motor that can cut through these tougher ingredients and turn them into thousands of tiny pieces in seconds!

The main difference between the two is that, as the names suggest, the 600 Series uses a 600W motor while the 900 Series uses a 900W motor.

This means the 900 Series can provide an extra 50% of power to your blended snacks and smoothies!

With this increased power, you’ll also get a slightly larger cup with a 32-ounce capacity instead of the 24 ounces of the 600 Series.

In fact, with this particular product, you’ll even get a spare blender cup so you can have two drinks on the go at once, as well as two lids and 2 lip rings.

Basically, you get a spare set of just about everything that comes with the blender!

Surprisingly, the 900 Series NutriBullet doesn’t even cost that much more than the 600 Series and if you can get it during a sale, they’re often even the same price!

However, even if you’re paying full price for the 900 Series, we think it represents great value for money and you’ll have a personal-sized blender that can handle all the necessary tasks you could face it with.

NutriBullet 1200 Series – Best All-Purpose Blender

NutriBullet 1200 Series - Best All-Purpose Blender

As you’ve probably worked out by now, the 1200 Series NutriBullet blender is another step up from the previous two models in terms of its motor power.

However, this particular blender is nothing like the first two we’ve looked at in terms of its overall set of features.

If you buy this set, you’ll be given the 24-ounce and 32-ounce cups that were included in the previous two sets but you’ll also get a mighty 64-ounce blender jug with its own specially-designed lid.

This variety of cup sizes gives you full control over what kind of food or drink you want to make with your blender.

For example, if you just want to make yourself a smoothie, the same way you would with the 600 or 900 Series, the option is still there.

However, if you’re making a large batch of hummus or some kind of sauce, you can make much larger portions easily in the 64-ounce cup.

It’s also worth mentioning that the 1200W motor that comes with this blender is significantly more powerful than the previous two.

This means the specially-designed, NutriBullet blade will cut through just about any ingredients with ease and reduce it to finely-chopped pieces.

As you’d expect, this blender is the most expensive of the three options but for that extra price, you get plenty of great features and a much more powerful blender, overall.

What makes NutriBullet So Good?

It’s no accident that NutriBullet is one of the most popular blender brands in the world. They’ve earned that reputation through inventive designs and powerful products.

For example, the blade that comes with every NutriBullet blender is the same on all of their products and is designed to provide the most efficient blending process possible, without leaving you with large chunks of food left behind.

Similarly, the materials used to construct all of NutriBullet’s products are perfectly safe (using BPA-free plastic), strong, and durable.

This means any NutriBullet you buy brand-new is guaranteed to have a very healthy lifespan.

In general, Nutribullet products are designed to handle just about any cold drink or food you want to make so it’s a go-to tool for a lot of home cooks.

Final Thoughts

The 600, 900, and 1200 Series of NutriBullet blenders are some of the best products you can find online for making smoothies at home.

Depending on what kind of ingredients you want to use in your smoothies or food products, you might want to go for a weaker or stronger version of the blender.

However, the beauty of NutriBullet’s diverse range of products is that there’s something that’s bound to suit everybody’s blending needs!

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