How To Clean Instant Pot

How To Clean Instant Pot

As you may already know, an Instant Pot is a very useful appliance.

In addition to making delicious meals quickly as a standard cooker does, it can also be used as a pressure cooker, a slow cooker, and a rice cooker, among other things.

Like a pressure cooker, it speeds up the cooking process, allowing you to have meals ready in a fraction of the time normally required, and as a slow cooker, well, just picture a great stew or sauce gently simmering for hours while the flavors combine.

How To Clean Instant Pot

Maybe you have used an Instant Pot cookbook to prepare some of your family’s favorite meals.

To keep your Instant Pot at its optimum and running smoothly, you must clean the pot and its lid after every use.

There are a lot of small parts in this cooker’s lid, but cleaning it could not be simpler and more straightforward.

Almost every part can be put in the dishwasher!

If you own an Instant Pot or another brand of multi-use cooker, we have put together a few cleaning tips you may find helpful.

Getting Started

Turn off the Instant Pot and unplug it, and then pull out the inner cooking pot.

It is always recommended to allow the product to cool completely before cleaning and avoid immersing the base and heat source in water, nor to put it in the dishwasher.

Cleaning The Inner Pot

Whether made of stainless steel or with a nonstick finish, the inner cooking pot is usually dishwasher safe.

Clean it by placing it upside down on the bottom shelf of the dishwasher.

Wash the item in hot soapy water if using a dishwasher isn’t possible, try a strong grease-fighting dishwashing liquid and a soft-bristled bottle brush to prevent damage, then clean thoroughly and air dry.

Soak the stainless steel pot in hot soapy water and scrub it with a non-scratch scrub pad to remove baked-on food residue.

You should avoid using abrasive cleaners, such as steel wool, which can scratch the finish.

It is typically recommended to cover the bottom of the pot with white vinegar to remove the discoloration from natural ingredients or salt in the cooking process.

Cover the bottom of the pot for five minutes, then rinse and dry it thoroughly.

Removing And Washing The Parts From The Lid

Depending on the model of your Instant Pot, you may need to remove the steam release cover and steam release valve, which you can do by lifting them straight up.

There are also models with a Quick Cool cover, which can be easily removed.

Removing the interior small parts of the lid will reveal an anti-block shield, a metal cap covering the steam release pipe, and a silicone finish covering the float valve.

The anti-block shield should be pushed toward the outer edge of the lid, lifted straight up, then the silicone cap should be removed, and the float valve should be slid out.

The small parts can be cleaned with an old soft toothbrush in warm soapy water, but we prefer to use a dishwasher. After washing, dry thoroughly.

Washing The Lid

Remove the parts from the lid and scrub it down while they are still loose.

Place the lid on the top rack of the dishwasher if the manufacturer says it is dishwasher-safe.

Alternatively, you may prefer to use a soft-bristled brush to reach all the corners and nooks. After rinsing, make sure all soap and food remains are removed.

Pour all the water out in the sink by holding the lid vertically over the sink and turning it like a steering wheel.

The lid should be placed upside down on the cooker base after cleaning, to allow it to air completely, which will keep odors from building.

Reinstall all the parts after they are dry, and don’t forget the tiny silicone cap on the float valve.

Cleaning The End Seal

Cleaning The End Seal

The silicone sealing ring inside the lid can be removed by following the manufacturer’s instructions.

The silicon seal can either be hand washed in hot soapy water or washed in the dishwasher.

Replacing the sealing ring and ensuring it is flat against the lid in the sealing ring rack is essential.

We like the solution Instant Pot recommends in its user manual to eliminate odors from the sealing ring: after cleaning the Instant Pot and reinstalling all parts, including the sealing ring, wet the removable inner pot with a mixture of 1 cup water and 1 cup white vinegar.

The Pressure Cook cycle should run for around five minutes after the lid has been sealed. When the lid is safe to open, release the pressure.

The silicone sealing ring gasket should be removed from the lid, the vinegar mix should be emptied from the cooking pot, and the lid, sealing ring, and inner pot should be rinsed in warm water, then dried.

Attach the silicone sealing ring to the lid.

Once you have completed this task, you should have been able to eliminate any nasty odors coming from your sealed ring and have it in a nice, fresh state.

Cleaning The Condensation Collector And Accessories Of The Instant Pot

It is a good idea to empty and rinse out the condensation collector on the back of the Instant Pot after every use.

Cleaning it is as simple as putting it in the dishwasher on the top rack or washing it by hand in warm soapy water, then rinsing well and letting it air dry.

It is possible to either use the dishwasher to clean your steam rack and all of the other accessories that came with your Instant Pot, or you can hand wash them in hot soapy water, but remember to rinse them well.

How To Clean The Heater Element And Base Of The Instant Pot

Use a soft, damp cloth to clean the inside of the cooker base. The cooker base cannot be washed in the dishwasher.

Wipe the lid’s groove and the rim with a soft cloth, and use an old soft toothbrush to clean off any residue. Let it dry on its own.

With a soft, barely damp cloth, wipe down the outside and the screen. Make sure the power cord is clean as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Often Should You Clean Your Instant Pot Lid?

Normally, you only need to rinse the Instant Pot Lid under tap water after every use.

In the case of splattered food or liquids, you can hand-wash it with warm soapy water.

You can of course use the dishwasher, but washing it by hand is often a better choice if you want to focus on a particularly soiled section.

Can I Unplug My Instant Pot?

Unplugging your Instant Pot every time you clean it is always a good idea, but it is especially important when you are doing a more thorough cleaning.

This intensive cleaning should be done at least once a week, depending on how frequently you use it.


After you have followed all the instructions we have provided you and followed the tips we have given you, then you will be able to enjoy your clean Instant Pot.

We recommend that you take your time to follow the instructions, as failure to follow these instructions will result in a potentially damaged instant pot that won’t function properly anymore.

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